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Ahmedabad Ziyarat
25th Dai Al-Mutlaq Syedna Jalal Shamshuddin Bin Maula Hasan(R.A)
27th Dai Al-Mutlaq Syedna Dawood Bin Qutub Shah Burhanuddin (R.A)
28th Dai-al-Mutlaq Syedna Shaikh Adam Safiyuddin Bin Miya Taiyeb Shah (R.A).
29th Dai Al-Mutlaq Syedna Abdul Taiyeb Zakiyuddin bin Syedna Dawood bin Qutub Shah (R.A)
31st Dai-Al-Mutlaq Syedna Kasim Khan Zainuddin Bin Maula Feer (R.A)
32nd Dai-Al-Mutlaq Syedna Qutubkhan Qutbuddin Shaheed Bin Syedna Dawood Qutubshah (R.A)
33rd Dai-Al-Mutlaq Syedna Feerkhan Shujauddin Bin Ahmed bin Malekshah (R.A).
48th Dai-al-Mutlaq Syedna Abdul Husain Husamuddin bin Syedna Tayeb Zainuddin(RA)
Moulai Adam Bin Moulaya Suleman bin Masood (Q.S.)
Moulai Adam Bin Moulaya Suleman bin Masood (Q.S.)

Moulai Adam Bin Moulaya Suleman bin Masood (Q.S.)
Wafat : 13th Safar-Ul-Muzaffar 836 AH.

After Syedi Hasanfeer Shaheed (Q.S.), Maulai Adam Shujauddin (Q.S.), who hailed from Neharwala (Patan), became the Vaali-ul-Hind. Maulai Adam (Q.S) received Ilm from Maulai Ali bin Maulai Ishaq (Q.S) at Patan.
At the time when Sultan Ahmed Shah founded Ahmedabad in 810 AH, he made an 'Araz'(invitation) to Moulaya Ali (Q.S.) to encourage the Bohra community to settle in Ahmedabad. Moula Ali sent Moulai Adam (Q.S.), Maulai Khwaja Kalan (Q.S.), and Shaikh Mujaal (Q.S.) from Patan to Ahmedabad. Moulai Adam (Q.S.) became the Vaali of Ahmedabad. It was an excellent age of prosperity. Mumineen were known as Bohra, all proverbially known for their honesty integrity and straight forwardness. They frequented the Masaajid regularly and without any fear.
Moulai Adam (Q.S.) performed khidmat of five Duat Mutlaqeen, from the 15th Dai Syedna Abbas (R.A), to the 19th Dai Syedna Idris Imaduddin (R.A). The incident of ‘Saqqaa’ also took place in his time.
Syedna Idris (R.A) sent Misaal Sharif to Moulai Adam (Q.S.) written as “I appoint 'Saqqa'( humble water carrier) as the Vaali , all of you perform 'Taa-At'(respect) of Saqqaa”. On receiving the Misaal Sharif, Moulai Adam (Q.S.) and all the Hudud went to Saqqa and performed Qadambosi. Saqqa was perplexed. All Mumineen did araz to Saqqa that, “By the Farmaan of our Dai, we are pleased to accept you as Vaali”. Saqqa cried, “I am an 'Adnaa khadim'(ordinary person), Adnaa khadim”. All explained to Saqqa that it was the "Farmaan of our Maula". Then Maulai Adam (Q.S) taught Saqqaa a small Sura, to recite in Namaz. Maulai Adam (Q.S) and all Hudud prayed Namaz behind Saqqaa. When Syedna Idris (R.A) came to know of this, he was extremely pleased with 'Ikhlaas'(faith) of the Mumineen of Hind. Syedna Idris (R.A) called all the Hudud of Yemen and told them about the incident. Syedna Idris then said, “This Barakaat and this Khair(Dawat) shall be transferred to Hind in near future”.
Though aged 80 Moulai Adam (Q.S.) was courageous despite physical weakness. He passed away on the 13th of Safar-Ul-Muzaffar 836 AH, during the era of Syedna Idris Imaduddin (R.A). His 'Qabr mubarak' is at old Raipur Qabrastaan near Kankaria.

Moulai Hasan Bin Moulai Adam (Q.S.)

Moulai Hasan Bin Moulai Adam (Q.S.)

Wafat : 29th Moharram 883 AH.

Moulai Hasan Husamuddin(Q.S) became the Vaali after His father Moulai Adam (Q.S). He strived hard for the cause of Dawat and served with sincerity of heart, soul and wealth. He established a Madresa at Ahmedabad, and made arrangements for 'Mawaid'(eating facilities) of the 'Talebat-Ul-Ilm'(students).
The Fitnat of Laeen Jafar started during his time. Laeen Jafar bin Khwaja hailed from Mehsana. He came to Ahmedabad for Ilm and then did Araz to Maulai Hasan for Razaa Mubarak to go to Yemen in Hazrat Aaliyaa to gain more Ilm. Moulai Hasan (Q.S) told him to first gather knowledge in India and then go to Yemen, but Laeen Jafar disobeyed Maulai Hasan (Q.S) and proceeded to Yemen without 'Razaa' (permission). After leaving Yemen, he returned to Diu in India. In the villages there, he led namaaz and accepted ‘Vajebaat’ and ‘Huquq’ from Mumineen. On meeting Moulai Hasan in Ahmedabad and on being reprimanded by him, he apologised and asked for pardon. Moulai Hasan (Q.S) said that to gain pardon, he would have to write to all those that prayed behind him, to repeat the namaaz. Jafar refused and went away without permission to Patan.
Moulai Raja (Q.S) was the Aamil of Patan. Moulai Raja (Q.S) called Laeen Jafar and warned Laeen Jafar against defying the Hudud. Laeen Jafar challenged him that he would renounce the ‘Deen’ tomorrow and join the ‘Nasebeen’. (Nasebeen are those who are enemies of Amir-ul- Mumineen (S.A) and Ahl-e-Bait (S.A).) Moulai Raja (Q.S) thought it would be safer to leave, so he left in the night with all his belongings, family, and the books of Dawat . Safety of the 'Qutub'(books of Dawat) was his sole concern. But Jafar got hold of many books, destroyed them, slandered property, wealth, and harassed the mumineen with the help of other enemies
Truth prevailed and some Mumineen killed laeen Jafar near Champaner.
Moulai Hasan (Q.S) and His son Moulai Raj (Q.S) strived hard to survive against heavy odds and guide Mumineen back to the right path of Imaan. Moulai Hasan (Q.S) passed away on the 29th Moharram-Ul-Haram 883 AH.

Moulai Raj Bin Moulai Hasan (Q.S.)

Wafat : 1st Moharram 925 AH.

Moulai Raj (Q.S) became Vaali-ul-Hind after his father Moulai Hasan (Q.S)passed away. Consequent to the dissension stirred up by the laeen Jafar, many Mumineen were swayed over to Naasebin. Moulai Raj (Q.S) displayed unparalleled courage of conviction under such adverse conditions. He used to disguise himself and wander around the houses of Mumineen of Ahmedabad and knock at the doors. When some one came out to give him some alms, Moulai Raj (Q.S) used to tell him “I am not a 'Saail'(beggar), I have come to give you 'Hidayat'(good teachings) to guide you towards 'Siraat-e-Mustaqim'(the right path)."
As a result of Moulai Raj's (Q.S) endeavours, thousands of Mumineen returned to Imaan. When the Munaafeqin came to know of these efforts of Moulai Raj (Q.S) they plotted and then martyred Moulai Raj (Q.S) at midnight, and cut Jisam Mubarak into many pieces on the 1st of Moharram 925 A H. Because of the khidmat of Moulai Raj (Q.S) we are on the right path of Din-ul-Haq and have survived as mumineen today.

Moulai Jafar Bin Moulai Raj (Q.S)

Moulai Jafar strived very hard, just like His father Moulai Raj (Q.S) for the cause of the Dawat, during the dissension stirred up by Laeen Jafar. Moulai Jafar (Q.S) performed Khidmat of Dawat for twenty years after Moulai Raj (Q.S), along with Moulai Abdul Wahhab (Q.S) and Moulai Qasim (Q.S). It was during this time when the Dawat was transferred to India from Yemen, when the 23rd Dai-al-Mutlaq Syedna Mohammed Ezzuddin (R.A) performed Nass on Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin (R.A) in Sidhpur.
Syedna AbdeAli Saifuddin (R.A) said about Moulai Jafar (Q.S) that, “Moulai Jafar was really a Moon during the dark night of trial and was unique in every way." He passed away at a very late age.


Moulai Abdul Wahhab Bin Moulaya Firoz Fakhruddin(Q.S.)

Maulai Abdul Wahhab (Q.S) became Vaali-ul-Hind after Moulai Raj bin Moulai Hasan (Q.S.). By the farmaan of the 21st Dai-Al-Mutlaq Syedna AbdulHussain Husamuddin (R.A) , he shifted to Ahmedabad and gave up worldly wealth for the khidmat of Dawat. Syedna Husamuddin (R.A) wrote' Misaal Sharif'(a message) to Maulai Abdul Wahhab (Q.S) that Dawat was in heavy debt and he should try to raise the required sums from mumineen with all his efforts.
After a few days Moula Abdul Wahhab (Q.S.) passed away.

Moulai Shaikh Qasim Bin Hasan (Q.S.)
Wafat : 27th Jamad-Il-Ula 950 AH.

Maulai Qasim (Q.S) became Vaali-ul-Hind after Maulai Abdul Wahhab (Q.S). He hailed from Ahmednagar and
was a scholar in Ilm. He performed khidmat with his soul and wealth for the cause of Dawat. During the 'fitnat', Maulai Qasim (Q.S) shifted from Ahmedabad to Rajputana. By the farmaan of Hazrat Aliya, Maulai Qasim (Q.S) constructed a house in Ahmedabad, and renovated the old Masjid. All Hindus and Muslims respected Him. Maulai Qasim (Q.S.) established Madresa for Nashar of Ilms. Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin (R.A) and Syedna Jalal Shamsuddin (R.A) received Ilm from Him.
He performed khidmat of 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th Duat Mutlaqeen. By seeing this khidmat of Maulai Qasim (Q.S) Munafeqin burnt with envy.
They falsely instigated Hakim Khan Jahan against Maula. Khan Jahan imprisoned Maulai Qasim (Q.S) for a long period. At that time Shaikh Munjal’s family strived for the release of Maulai Qasim (Q.S).
23rd Dai-Al-Mutlaq sent Adnal-Mafaaseeh from Yemen to take the 'Imtehaan'(test) of Maulai Qasim (Q.S). Maulai Qasim (Q.S) was the last Vaali-Ul-Hind. Thus , the seat of the Dawat was transferred from Yemen to India during the era of Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin (R.A). At that period Maulai Qasim (R.A) expired and his 'Qabr Mubarak'(tomb) is in the Qabrastaan of Syedna Jalal Shamsuddin (R.A).
Moulai Raj Bin Dawood Bin Mohammed Soni (Q.S.)
Wafat : 2nd Rajab-Ul-Asab 925 AH.

Moulai Raj Soni (Q.S) performed Khidmat of Moulai Adam (Q.S), Moulai Hasan (Q.S), and Moulai Raj (Q.S). Moulai RajSoni (Q.S) guided Mumineen to the right path of Imaan. During the fitnat of Laeen Jafar, Moulai RajSoni (Q.S) served Dawat with total devotion. He manufactured soap, and led a contended life. Moulai Rajsoni (Q.S) was Alam in the Ilm of Dawat. During the fitnat of Laeen Jafar, Moulai Raj Soni (Q.S) purified 'nufuss'(vicious doubts) of Mumineen by the Ilm of Dawat.
Syedi Khoj bin Malak (Q.S) says zikar “That the king of Khurasan asked certain questions and asked Sultan Muzaffar to get it answered by the 'Olama of Awaam'(wise men of the people) there. Sultan Muzaffar passed it on to the Olama of Awaam for solution. All their answers failed to satisfy the King. Some of the persons informed the Khurasan about Moulai RajSoni (Q.S) being a very clever person and capable of answering his queries. Khurasani came to Moulai RajSoni (Q.S) but on seeing Moulai Raj (Q.S) wearing worn out clothes, and making soaps he doubted whether he would answer his queries. But when the questions were put to Moulai RajSoni (Q.S),the wisdom in his answers amazed Khurasani. He went to Sultan Muzaffar and said, “ It is surprising that you are unaware of an Aalim like Moulai RajSoni (Q.S) in your Kingdom”. The Olama of Awaam were jealous. They hatched a conspiracy against Moula Raj (Q.S) on the ground of his being a Shia, imprisoned him and killed him.
At the time of Shahadat of Moulai Raj Soni (R.A) the Sun was eclipsed, and stones rained from the sky. A few days before his Shahadat, Moulai RajSoni (Q.S) informed his nephew Mulla Masood and instructed him not to try for his release as he was destined to be Qatal after 40 days.
Moulai Raj Soni’s (Q.S) Jisam Mubarak remained lying on the earth for three days. There were earthquakes. Miya Taj Fakhruddin (Q.S) of Kapadvanj brought his Laashaa Mubarak from the place of execution to the Bibipura Qabrastan.
Syedi Khoj bin Malak (Q.S) used to say that the dust of His Qabar Mubarak is an antidote against all ill.

Moulai Khwaja Kalaan Bin Abdullah (Q.S.)
Wafat : 19th Zilqad-Il-Haram 872 AH.

In accordance with the wishes of Wali-E-Hind, Al Maula Ali bin Ishaq (Q.S) and at the request of Sultan Ahmed Shah, the founder of Ahmedabad city, Moulai Khwaja Kalaan (Q.S) left Patan for Ahmedabad for the khidmat of Moulai Adam.
Syedi Khoj bin Malak (Q.S) said that, Moulai Khwaja Kalaan (Q.S) established a locality (Mohallah) and constructed a Masjid at Ahmedabad. Most of the Mumineen take ‘Mannat’ Of Moulai Khwaja Kalaan. His Qabar Mubarak is in the Kabrastaan of Moulai Adam Saheb (Q.S)

Moulai Khwaja Mohammed Bin Ishaaq (Q.S.)

Moulai Khwaja Mohammed Bin Ishaaq (Q.S.)
Wafat : 17th Safar-Ul-Muzaffar.

Moulai Khwaja Mohammed (Q.S) was in Khidmat of the Vaali-ul-Hind. All his brothers deserted Deen during the fitnat of laeen Jafar, but he remained unflinchingly steadfast to the faith of Imaan. The enemies executed him. His holy Qabar Mubarak is in the vicinity of Mulla Shaikh.
The enemies have repeatedly tried to destroy his holy Qabar. The grill around the Qabar was fixed during the period of Syedna Abdullah Badruddin (R.A).


Maulaya Miya Maamji Bin Shaikha Mujaal (Q.S.)

Miya Mamji (Q.S.) was a generous person and did khidmat of Dawat with his wealth and regularly gave 'Ziyafat'(feasts) in honour of Vaali-ul-Hind and noble Hudud’s and gifted them 'Faakhir'(excellent) Hadiyah. Miyaa Maamji (Q.S) was a very powerful landlord and wielded considerable influence in the government. He performed khidmat of Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin (R.A) and Syedna Jalal Shamsuddin (R.A) and received Dua Mubarak of both.
Miya Mamji (Q.S) built a Masjid in Ahmedabad at Qutbi Mazar. It is considered to be one of the oldest Masjids of Ahmedabad which was, reconstructed by 52nd Dai-Al-Mutlaq Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (T.U.S) and Inaayat the name as ‘Burhani Masjid’.
Miya Mamji (Q.S) was martyred by enemies when he was performing 'Vuzu'(ablution) on Friday during the era of Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin (R.A).
Miya Mamji’s (Q.S) Qabar is situated in the 'Qabrastaan'(cemetery) of Syedna Jalal Shamsuddin (R.A).


Moulai Miya Ahmed bin Ajab Shah (Q.S)

Wafat : 17th Ramazan-Ul-Moazzam 980 AH.

Moulai Ahmed (Q.S) was the brother of Syedna Dawood bin Ajabshah (R.A). He performed Khidmat of Duat Mutlaqin. After performing Hajj , Moulai Ahmed (Q.S) went to Yemen in Hazrat Aaliyaa of Syedna Yusuf (R.A). Suddenly Syedna Yusuf (R.A) was falsely imprisoned by the ruler due to false propaganda against Syedna by the enemies, and the houses owned by Syedna were plundered. The ruler demanded seven thousand Abrami (Rupees) to release Syedna. Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin (R.A) asked Ashaab for loan but none obliged. At this time, Moulai Ahmed (Q.S) came forward and sold some goods that he had brought for sale and paid the sum. Moulai Ahmed (Q.S) did a lot of khidmat during the period of Syedna Jalal (R.A) and Syedna Dawood bin Ajabshah (R.A). Moulai Ahmed's (Q.S) Qabr Mubarak is situated near the Qabr Mubarak of Moulai Malak bin Firoz (Q.S.)
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